Psychotherapy and Yoga—Use your head and follow your heart!

Calendar of Events

Restorative Yoga

I teach Restorative Yoga at the Integral Yoga Institute, 227 West 13th Street, the first Wednesday of every month at 2:15 in the afternoon. Check out the class schedule– sometimes I teach other times too. Maybe another class at another time is more convenient: Integral Yoga is a treasure chest featuring excellent teachers and many different kinds of classes and workshops. You can’t go wrong.


Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga is a ubiquitous and powerful practice that is available to people of many different abilities and needs, and simple to do at home, in the office, on an airplane, or in a car (if you aren’t driving, of course.) I teach Chair Yoga at a private club in Westchester as well as other venues, such as the Neighborhood Association for the Homeless. Integral Yoga will present a series of Chair Yoga classes on Tuesday afternoons, 2:15 to 3:30, beginning March 3, with rotating teachers. I will teach on March 17.


Holistic Nursing Conference

I’ll be teaching chair yoga October 21 at the Holistic Nursing conference, “Creating Healing Environments that Support Health and Wellness,” presented at the Cornell Club.


Expressive Therapies Summit

November 19, 11:40 am – 1:00 pm
The Yoga of Psychoanalysis
Executive Conference Center – Sunday
1601 Broadway (enter on 48th Street)

Lynn Somerstein, PhD, RYT

What exactly is Yoga Therapy? How are yoga and psychoanalysis alike? This two-part presentation about the yoga of psychoanalysis begins with a short paper discussing yoga positions and their psychoanalytic echoes, leading to a one-hour yoga class. The yoga class is a participatory workshop that encourages questions and discussions, a safe place to talk over the feelings that come up when doing yoga. The yoga part of this presentation is suitable for both beginners and seasoned yoga practitioners. Yoga is for everybody, including people who prefer to remain in their chairs.