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Holistic Health Forum–chair yoga reduces stress


The Next Holistic Health Forum December 12th 1-2 PM Greenberg Conf Rm 5N/5C Room 106



December 12th 1-2 PM  Greenberg 5N/5C Conf Rm 106


Special interactive presentation led by Dr. Lynn Somerstein on chair yoga.  Dr. Somerstein is a licensed psychoanalyst and an internationally certified yoga therapist. Both of these disciplines are useful when dealing with stress, depression, or PTSD.  Dr. Somerstein will lead us in a chair yoga session that helps reduce stress.  We will also have time for reflection and end our meeting with a meditation led by Rachel Jaffe, NP, Holistic Nurse Practictioner.


PLEASE JOIN US, All Weill Cornell Campus Employees are Welcome, NO REGISTRATION, OK To Bring Lunch



Tuesday January 9th, 2018  2-3PM NOTE TIME CHANGE FOR 2018

Conference Rm 5N/5C Room 106 Greenberg Building


For further information, Email any Co-Chair:

Jane Seley (Nursing), Jeannemarie Walsh (Pastoral Care) or Rachel Jaffe (Palliative Care)


Integral Yoga Hatha class


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Integrative Healthcare Symposium Annual Conference

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