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Integrative Healthcare Symposium Annual Conference

10 mins

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This is a great issue, featuring articles by @John Kepner, Steffany MoonazMatthew Taylor, and many others, including my review on page 10 of the Integrative Healthcare Symp

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Welcome to a showcase of broad yet profound work by a diverse group of yoga therapy professionals! In this issue you’ll find well-considered explorations of several key issues facing the field as we continue to establish ourselves in both complementary and allopathic settings, plus reports on IAYT’s…


  A few days ago, my friend Anita was stalked and menaced in New York’s Union Square Station. Union Square was a familiar stop, but she had travelled on a different train than usual and didn’t know exactly where the stairs, the exits and entrances, were located on the new train’s platform. She walked along… Continue Reading

Beat Stress!!

Beat Stress!!

    Beat Stress!!   Dr. Lynn Somerstein, PhD, RYT.   Chronic stress is associated with mental and physical pain and exacerbates existing health issues.   My training as a psychoanalyst and a yoga therapist offers you help. Psychotherapy and yoga therapy relieve emotional and physical distress.   Please call 917-447-3924 if you would like to discuss… Continue Reading