Psychotherapy and Yoga—Use your head and follow your heart!

One Heart, Two Rivers

One heart, two rivers

Yoga and psychotherapy are mindfulness practices that teach us to be in the present moment, centered and connected, so we find our place in the world of work, family and love. These two deep practices allow us to know ourselves at the most fundamental level, develop patience, compassion for ourselves and others, and give us the power to work with our perceptions and our emotional reactions, so we are not at the mercy of tornadoes of feelings, fears, rages, depressions and anxieties. Current neuropsychoanalytic research confirms what yogis and psychologists have known along: the brain’s structural components can grow and change at all ages. Serge Prengel’s interview with me about yoga and psychotherapy can be heard on, his radio program for Somatic Perspectives.


 If your Nerve, deny you–

Go above your Nerve–

Emily Dickinson