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After September 11th the lines between helper and victim burned away as we entered the whirlwind together and struggled to emerge from its maw.

“I was prepared to die,” one woman said to me.

So was I, so I did the important things and told my friends and family that I loved them. I was grateful that no one very close to me had died. I mourned the lost and wounded.

Then, using the Internet, I contacted some of the hundreds of psychoanalysts and psychotherapists that work in the city and together we helped people by meeting with… Continue reading →

The Angry Bus

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The Angry Bus April 12th, 2011 |

By Lynn Somerstein, PhD, RYT, Object Relations Topic Expert Contributor Click here to contact Lynn and/or see her Profile My yogi friend Leila told me this story: It was a horrible cold rainy day in New York City, and Leila was waiting for the bus. Suddenly a woman came up to her and asked which bus went to 98th Street. “The bus I am waiting for, the M15, stops at 96th Street,” Leila said. “I don’t like the M15. I was just on that bus and had to get… Continue reading →

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